Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been OBSESSING over a Netflix series, Social Fabric.

It is hosted by a designer, Kyle Ng, a very cool and curious man; and I love Kyle’s show not because he is cute, but because he answers many whys.

For instance, there are people who are willing to pay $4,000 for a thirty year old t-shirt, (the show explains why).

In my opinion it is the most provocative, educational, joyful, least dramatic and gender oriented fashion show. It debunks multiple myths about fashion we’ve lived with for a long time, such as fashion is only for the rich.

Some might still think clothes are for warmth and privacy, despite the fact that even 40,000 years ago clothing and accessories were used by people to primarily decorate themselves. 

Many people may still be under the impression that fashion is not for men (they don’t like shopping, and you can only redesign men’s shirt and slacks so much).

We’ve also viewed men as too tough to have emotions and too indifferent to care. The show depicts men not only as huge participants in fashion, but as the most crucial influencers, not only redirecting and rewriting fashion but, rather, revolutionizing it! It showcases men who use fashion to not only decorate themselves, but as a code of identity and as an instrument of expression. These fashionista men are conveying a message to the world with their fashion, that’s how much they care.

Yet, there have always been fashion designers like Charles Worth, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Oscar de la Renta (I admire them all) with their pretty dresses for madonnas. Kyle Ng proves that fashion is for everyone, and that it plays a much bigger role in peoples’ lives than just clothing.

Fashion doesn’t differentiate gender,  or roles. It doesn’t stereotype, filter or restrict. 

It’s an art, it’s freedom, it’s a statement, therapy, drug, emotion, a breath of fresh air. It is international and knows no barriers or restrictions.

“People would never stop creating new fashion designs and look for different styles to wear because they don’t want to look like their dads and moms, unless their folks are good looking”; and “Being bold is going to say a lot about who you are, so make a statement”.

My favorite episodes were about Tall T, Fedoras, and Scotland kilts (especially kilts) because I could never understand why they have been popular for so long, but now I do.

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