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“It’s later than you think” is a saying that comes to mind at the end of each year. I also tend to feel that someone is speeding up the clock on purpose, so the holidays will get here sooner.

True or not, the holidays are upon us once again, forcing most of us to move at the speed of light so that we can fully experience that joyous moment of seasonal festivities as we say our goodbyes to a year that rushes to the end and greet the new one with people we love.

Food and music, your favorite Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte, home decorating, and candle scents all add up to that special holiday ambience we are looking forward to for 51 weeks a year. Also, holiday card mailing, gift shopping and other holiday hustle that all builds towards that one moment when the clock strikes 12 and the ball drops in Times Square while creating memories and experiences like no other.

And it’s perhaps the time of the year where many if not all of us pay attention to the clothes we wear because they are a big, if not the biggest contributor to that holiday mood building experience regardless of whether you paid attention to what you wore for the past eleven months or sweats have been your all time go to attire.

As a fashion designer and stylist, during this time of the year I am asked more often than ever about what’s trending and what’s in style - by far my favorite question to answer, and here’s how I break it down:

1. Dressing up is trendy again! Yes, dressing up for no reason, as a part of a post-pandemic recovery measure, doctor’s orders if you like. There is no longer a need to wait for a special occasion to wear stylish clothes. Every day is a special occasion, and dayglow attire is in style! In other words, look rich, look like a VIP, where your clothes serve you well, representing your own brand and business in the best possible way.

Here’s a quick read and great resource to refer to which confirms my instincts about post-pandemic fashion:

THE GUARDIAN. The Sudden, Uncomfy Fall of the Biggest Pandemic Fashion Trend

2. Expressing your individuality and unique approach to styling are more trendy now than ever before...no, seriously I mean it! Rules have never applied to fashion to begin with, but what I mean by individuality in fashion is that following fashion trends no longer serves you, but creating one does! We all speak different languages and have different accents, so why dress the same? Fashion is a language too! Don’t go unnoticed, set yourself apart with fashion!

Here’s how you do it:

  •   No more matching colors. Your lipstick and nail colors no longer have to match to be considered proper and in good taste, the same goes for your handbag and heels. Style is when you don’t try too hard! However, matching on purpose sets, or separate garment pieces, for instance, jackets and shirts are a lot of fun and look chic and stylish. Would you try it?

  •   Look eclectic. Mixing and matching various fashion eras and styles are on trend right now, not only in clothes but in interior design as well. To look and feel cool your style no longer needs to be strictly identified with one kind or the other. Boho dusters underneath your spouse’s office jacket will do over a good old pair of jeans. Fun?... just brainstorming.

  •   Wear layers. Honestly, I can’t have enough when it comes to layers. This is a case of more is more. In fact it is a conversation of its own.

3. Layers are indeed my all time favorite styling technique. Oftentimes you’ll see me wearing a short sleeve jacket or sleeveless dress, not because I can’t get comfortable in this capricious California climate, but because I like to show additional layers for a more fun and unique look. Who ever said that you can’t put a skirt over a dress or dress over your pants?

4. Attention to detail. As you style every morning or shop for new clothes, pay attention to the details, one of my favorite ways to emphasize your personal style. The details may include oversized pockets and collars, atypical cuts in the garments’ construction, yokes and built in tabs, trim like eyelets and tonsils, top stitching and embellishments, detachable scarves and unique closures, like rare buttons and zippers perhaps, all the things that make your garment look anything but boring. Why? Because details imply that your clothing is expensive, and its owner cares about fashion and personal branding and has great taste.

5. To belt or not to belt? Accessories are huge right now. HUGE! They may include belts, clutches, any style hats, jewelry, including wrist watches, bangles, ankle bracelets, statement necklaces, rings, chains, scarves, etc. The more the merrier, use your imagination and creativity, go bananas! And, if you need an example, refer to the main character of Lady Gaga’s character Patrizia in the film The House of Gucci.

That said, keep in mind that the best accessory you could put on is your smile!

And here is a great resource to satisfy your further curiosity:

TIME MAGAZINE. How House of Gucci's Costumes Help Tell the Story

Just like you, I am excited too! What could be better than talking about fashion you may ask? I say shopping! But what could be better than shopping? Finding great deals. And what could be a better deal than a free gift? It doesn’t get better than this.

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Wishing you a healthy, happy & fabulous holiday and fun shopping. Keep dazzling and let me know how it went!

Fashionably Yours,

Inga Goodman


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